USA made T-Shirts inspire us to explore + GIVEAWAY

USA Made T-Shirts - Cedarpass Creative - Garage Grown Gear(2)USA Made T-Shirts - Cedarpass Creative - Garage Grown Gear*** Entry form to enter the giveaway for Cedarpass Creative USA Made T-Shirts is at the bottom***

“That’s a high quality shirt. I’d take 10 more of those,” mentioned my husband while making dinner last night. His comment sums up perfectly our impressions of Cedarpass Creative.

His reasons? Or rather, our reasons?

  • The fabric is high quality and has a wonderfully soft texture.
  • The fit is perfect. We each got a different design, color and size of T-shirt; my husband’s was the exact right size for him and mine was the exact right size for me.
  • The shirts did NOT shrink, even after being put in the dryer.
  • The water-based printing method used by the company allows the ink to soak into the T-shirt’s fabric, rather than sitting on top of it. This creates a softer, sleeker finish.
  • The T-shirt is made in the USA. The fabric is sourced here and the printing is done here.
  • The T-shirts feature outdoors-inspired graphics with a “less is more” approach. They have words on them like “Explore” or “The Great Outdoors,” or simply show the stencil of a mountain range.
  • They are reasonably priced. A T-shirt will set you back $24.

USA Made T-Shirts - Cedarpass Creative - Garage Grown Gear(4)Both my husband and I were given the opportunity to test out a T-shirt from Cedarpass Creative. I selected a grey one with the word “Explore” on the front and a compass rose placed subtly over the “O.” My husband chose a green T-Shirt that read “The Great Outdoors.” (Bonus points if you can name the movie that makes my husband love this saying. Hint: Not the John Candy movie. Leave a comment below).

When the package arrived in the mail, I immediately noticed the meticulous attention to detail taken in preparing it, furthering my impression that Cedarpass Creative does not cut corners.

In addition to T-Shirts, the company sells Field Notes and Benchmark Coasters. The former are Cedarpass Creative - Field Notes - Garage Grown Gearpocket size notebooks, ideal for writing your reflections and observations while exploring the great outdoors. The latter are coasters made to look like the geological survey benchmarks that indicate the tops of peaks. Included in the 4-pack are Mt. McKinley, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Whitney and Mt. Elbert. (More bonus points if you can name the states where each of these mountains are located without using Google; leave a comment below).

My only suggestion for how Cedarpass Creative can improve is to diversify its design selection and color choices.  It would be nice to see styles that reflect specific outdoor pursuits, much the way Recollect Threads has built a brand entirely around the backcountry skiing experience. To Cedarpass’ credit, I believe this is a direction the company is already headed. Let’s just say I’ve seen some sneak peeks of designs to come.

Here at we’ve noticed that the companies we feature tend to have the same story of how they are founded, different only in the details. An individual wants something specific, so they make it happen. Cedarpass Creative is no exception.

“This was the case for wanting to wear high-quality clothing that subtly noted my passion for the outdoors through simple and beautiful designs,” Christopher says.


The products for this review were provided free-of-charge, however, as always, the opinions expressed here are purely our own. 

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16 Comments on "USA made T-Shirts inspire us to explore + GIVEAWAY"

  1. Christopher Sorel | June 26, 2014 at 11:42 am | Reply

    There was the big outdoors movie

  2. Diane Richards | June 30, 2014 at 7:39 am | Reply

    Mt. McKinley – Alaska
    Mt. Rainer – Washington
    Mt. Whitney – California
    Mt. Elbert – Colorado

  3. Diane Richards | June 30, 2014 at 7:49 am | Reply

    Mile… Mile & A Half Trailer

  4. Robin French | June 30, 2014 at 8:12 am | Reply

    Jeremiah Johnson?

  5. I’m going to go funny and say National Lampoon’s Vacation

  6. Call of the Wild?

  7. Maybe….Into The Wild

  8. Drum roll please … the elusive answer is Cheech & Chong – Up in Smoke. Here’s the clip:

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