Top 10 unique gifts for dad made by outdoor startups

Unique Gifts for Dad - Garage Grown GearHere’s a little insight to the male mind…specifically Dad’s mind.  In Dad’s mind there are only two days each year that are really “his days” – his birthday and Father’s Day.

My Dad used to tell me “Every day is kid’s day.” Now that I have two kids of my own I understand this. Most days are dedicated to work, family, yard work … you name it. But two days each year Dad gets to do whatever he wants!

This Father’s Day, in addition to letting him do whatever he wants, get him what he wants. Here are some ideas for unique gifts from wildly cool startups that will help him get outside.

1. The Ultimate Backpacking Chair (UBC)

2T's ultimate backpacking chair - unique gifts for dad - Garage Grown GearAlex Thomas, the founder of 2T’s Outdoors wanted a lightweight, comfortable, multi-purpose chair that he could take into the backcountry.  He couldn’t find what he was looking for so he grabbed a sewing machine and made his own.  He posted his creation on an outdoor forum and the response was immediate….”I want one!”

Whether in the backcountry or in the backyard, Dad will love this comfortable chair, and on outdoor adventures it doubles as a pack cover, gear hammock, ground cloth, and even a water bin.

Incidentally, Alex is a dad himself. The name 2T’s comes from his two daughters, Tenley and Taylin.


2.  Bosavi Headlamp

Bosavi Rechargeable Headlamp - Unique gifts for dad - Garage Grown GearWhether he’s out for an early morning run or under the sink trying to fix the leaky disposal, Dad can always use the gift of light.  The Bosavi headlamp features a rechargeable battery so Dad won’t be stealing the AA batteries out of your son’s walky talkies.  The packaging converts to a camp lantern, and the optional bike kit will make Dad’s bike commute that much better.

*Update on 11.16.15: Founder Dan Freschl decided to move on to another opportunity, and Bosavi is no longer in operation.


3.  Farm to Feet Socks

Farm to Feet Roanoke Charcoal - Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas - Garage Grown GearSocks = Boring … not necessarily. Every Dad can use a good pair of socks, and years from now when your Dad is still using his Farm to Feet socks he’s sure to be impressed.  These are some of the most durable, comfortable socks made, plus they are 100% sourced in the USA, from “Farm to Feet.”


4.  Cedarpass Creative Tees

Unique gifts for dad - Cedarpass Creative - Garage Grown Gear(2)Whether Dad wears a suit and tie to work or Carhartts, on Saturday morning he wants to wear his favorite t-shirt. Get him his next favorite one from Cedarpass Creative, featuring unique outdoor designs. It’s guaranteed to be the softest, most comfortable shirt in his closet.


5.  Pat’s Backcountry Beverages

Pat making a beerYour Dad will be the envy of all his friends when he makes himself a beer at his favorite alpine lake or summit. Pat’s Backcountry Beverages is one of the most innovative products we have ever come across, with just a water bottle, water, and some brew concentrate, Dad can tip one back anywhere.


6.  Ragged Edge Wallets

Ragged Edge Gear Sail Cloth Wallet - (1).jpgHow long do you think Dad has had that old leather wallet?  How long do you think the average lifespan of a wallet is?  I’m 38 and have probably had 6 or 7 over the years.  Ragged Edge is changing that with super durable and functional carbon fiber wallets.  Get him a wallet that will last.  Ragged Edge wallets are so tough it might even become a family heirloom.  They also make some great carbon fiber belts if he’s all set on a wallet.

7.  Roscoe Outdoors

Roscoe Outdoor Washakie Climbing Pants - Unique gifts for dad - Garage Grown GearRoscoe Outdoors set out to make the world’s best climbing pants and shorts … mission accomplished. But guess what? These aren’t just great climbing pants, they work equally well for camping, hiking, fishing, or heading to the hardware store.


8.  SunJack Solar Charger

Sun Jack Solar Charger - Unique Gifits for Dad - Garage Grown GearWe all go into the outdoors to get away from technology, but the reality is we have electronic gear that we want to keep charged up no matter how far out there we are.  Keep Dad’s camera, GPS, and phone rocking wherever he goes with SunJack’s line of solar chargers and battery packs. Maybe he’ll even let you plug in too.


9. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Pack

Hyperlite Mountain Gear - Unique Gifts for Dad - Garage Grown Gear
One thing I have learned as a Dad is, we ended up carrying a lot of stuff.  Sometimes I feel like a Sherpa even on a short hike with the family. Lighten Dad’s load with a Cuben Fiber pack from Hyperlite Mountain Gear.  No matter whether Dad is going on a hike, fastpacking, packrafting, skiing, or climbing, these are the lightest, most durable packs being made – plus they are waterproof.


10. Vertex Stove

Unique gifts for dad - Vertex Stove - GarageGrownGear.comIf your Dad is into lightweight camping he’s going to love this little stove from Vertex. And even if he’s not, this is great little piece of gear to throw in the glove box.  You can boil water with just one Esbit Fuel Tab. It packs flat and weighs a mere 1.8 ounces.


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  1. Fantastic ideas. That first pic is awesome. 😉

    • Thanks Keara for the note! Always love hearing from our readers. When I took that photo of the kiddos in the mud, I was completely cracking up. It was a pretty fun (and funny) situation.


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