Life purpose + top 10 outdoor family photos (yes these are related)

Sticky Notes -
The sticky notes you see here have been on my bathroom mirror for more than 2 years. One reminds me of what it takes to keep my marriage going strong. (My husband definitely has a greater appreciation than I do for a clean, clutter-free house). The other is the foundation of how I live and work.

The life purpose of connecting people to the outdoors is at the core of Garage Grown Gear’s mission. When you trust your gear, your confidence in the outdoors soars. It’s also at the core of how I interact with my husband (our dates usually involve skiing or mountain biking), and how I raise my daughter.

This summer has been a magical one for my two year old, as she’s discovered more about bugs, mud, trails and tents. We’ve gone camping, backpacking, hiking, canoeing and packrafting together. We’ve taken her on the tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort up to 10,450 feet for a view from the top of the world.

And along the way, we’ve had more than a few memorable moments. We’ve found ourselves caught in a freak August snowstorm, while backpacking no less. We’ve splashed in snow-melt fed creeks and climbed rocks. My daughter has even taken a few naps in the cozy hull of a packraft.

Being outdoors cultivates our ability to live in the moment. It puts life’s problems into perspective. And it gives us undivided time together as a family.

It also provides tremendous photo opps.

Here are my top 10 outdoor family photos from the summer:

Kids Outdoors - -7

Kids Outdoors - - 11

Kids Outdoors - - 1

Kids Outdoors - -8

Kids Outdoors - - 8

Kids Outdoors - - 10

Kids Outdoors - - 13

Kids Outdoors -

Kids Outdoors - - 6

Kids Outdoors - -3


Plus this bonus image from our trip up the tram, because we LOVE it when a photo turns out exactly as pictured in our mind’s eye …

Kids Outdoors - - 5

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  1. Haha! What a perfect collection that captures the family spirit.

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