The ultimate rechargeable, long lasting headlamp & bike light


*Update on 11.16.15: Founder Dan Freschl decided to move on to another opportunity, and Bosavi is no longer in operation.

Every time Larry and his son Dan Freschl went camping they would gather their group together to compare headlamps, pool spare batteries and decide whose lights had enough juice to use. Sometimes, none of the options were that great.

Now instead of gathering to compare lights, they gather around just one light, which they designed themselves. Bosavi is a long-lasting, rechargeable headlamp which features8469605910_62f44c5c20_o durability, water resistance, bright light and reliability.

The name Bosavi comes from a dormant volcano in Papua, New Guinea, and is meant to reflect a sense of adventure in a place that is rugged and fragile. Dan came up with the name and design for Bosavi, as an outdoor enthusiast who had also worked for a company developing batteries.

A headlamp isn’t the most glamorous gadget and too often people take their lights for granted. Yet, it’s often one of those items that you don’t realize how important it is until it fails. Larry said that with a Bosavi light, that moment hopefully won’t ever come.

A push of a button allows the user to know how much battery life is left before packing it away. If it’s in need of a charge, it plugs into your computer via a USB port until it’s fully juiced for 65 hours of light. With different levels of lighting, from very bright to an energy-efficient medium light, it more than meets the basic functionality requirement of a headlamp. But according to Larry, they’ve added a few features to make it special.

The Bosavi’s packaging can turn it into a lantern by creasing a few folds on a piece of paper light enough to stow into a backpack.

A separately sold mount can transform the headlamp to a bike light so instead of buying multiple lights, all you need is your Bosavi.

And a specially designed clamp can allow you to light an entire area of camp or read in your tent. Its multi-functionality makes it a “lighting system,” Larry said.

Initially, the headlamps were created with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $49,000 to help launch the Berkley, California-based company.

Since then, some of the best reviews of Bosavi Headlamps have come from customers who say that it’s like a friend they are totally comfortable with, Larry said. He added that many have also found ways to incorporate the headlamp into their daily life.

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