How Oru’s origami kayak unlocks urban adventure

Oru Origami Kayak - Garage Grown Gear

Kayaks are clumsy, heavy, and difficult to stow—it’s no secret. Furthermore, play-boats aren’t typically revered as works-of-art. Until now. Based in San Francisco, the company Oru Kayak rolls over all of those difficult features with…

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Launch Week Day 5: Webbed Paddle Giveaway

*** Scroll to the bottom to enter the Shearwater Webbed Paddle giveaway*** Here at Garage Grown Gear we featured Shearwater Webbed Paddles in our list of the Top 10 Companies Making Truly Novel Outdoor Gear. Here’s…

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Launch Week Day 3: Packraft Rental Giveaway

Packraft Rental Paddling

*** Scroll to the bottom to enter the packraft rental giveaway*** Garage Grown Gear grew out of our sister company Jackson Hole Packraft & Packraft Rentals Anywhere. Our own experience growing a business from a garage…

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