Why Small Feet, Big Land is a compelling read

Small Feet, Big Land

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and picture this: husband and wife set off on a two-month-long expedition over an Alaska glacier during the storm-battered months of October and November. In addition to the…

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Gear Across Generations

While home visiting my parents in Colorado, my mom and I decided to go for a hike, my then 5-month-old daughter in tow. Being supremely organized, as always, my mom located the child carrier she…

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Meet Mountain Mama

At first, people were really freaked out at seeing pregnant mannequins at an outdoor trade show, especially pregnant mannequins wearing a climbing harness. But now the conversation is evolving. People are less surprised and more…

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Bikerafting … with a Baby

My friend Karen and I have a bit of a reputation for intrepid, hair-brained adventures. We’ve pulled off biking and skiing in the same trip, we’ve gone on many night outings, we’ve gotten caught in…

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