Review: Uber cool Skida hats made in Vermont

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The quick summary of Skida hats, headbands and neckwarmers

–          Uber comfortable with a soft texture

–          Colorful and eye catching (I get a lot of compliments about my Nordic hat)

–          Wicks moisture well, especially the neck warmer

–          Stretchy fabric creates a great fit

–          Nordic hat covers the ears, fully

–          Nordic hat and headband work great year-round for camping, backpacking, trail running, biking and adventure racing

–          Nordic hat fits nicely under a helmet

–          Nordic hat is lightweight and compact, making it easy to stow in a pocket

–          OK, OK, I’ll show you my cards, I REALLY like the Nordic hat

–          Offers men’s designs (my husband is eyeing the camo hats)

–          Made in Vermont

–          Rad story about how the company was started

–          Neckwarmer is seasonal, really only suited for cold winter temperatures (editor’s note on 12/12/14: Skida just released its year-round, unlined Tour Neckwarmer that we love!!!)


The full review of Skida hats, headbands and neckwarmers - Skida Hats - Amy Hatch (1)I’m a hat girl. I occasionally don a cowgirl hat in the summer, but it’s my winter beanies that stir me most. They’re something much more to me than a clothing piece. They are landmarks in my life.

I have one hat that carries with it the memories of traveling by myself for months on end through South America. That same hat also saw me through the long dark night and early morning hours while running the Leadville 100 mile race.

I have another beloved hat that I wore during and right after the birth of my daughter.

Losing one of these hats would be like losing a treasured photo.

So, it might go without saying, that I don’t take choosing hats lightly. They must be practical and beautiful. In other words, they must wick moisture, regulate my body temperature, and give me the confidence of wearing something with personalized flair. - Skida Hats - Amy Hatch (2)

Now that you know where I’m coming from, I hope you’ll better understand this statement:

When my Skida Nordic Hat arrived in the mail we immediately bonded.

It is uber comfortable with a soft texture. The pattern is bold, elegant, unique and feminine. The stretchy fabric makes for a great fit, even covering the tips of my ears. It is lightweight and compact. I can easily start a run wearing it and then stick it in a pocket once I get my heart rate up. It fits  under my bike helmet. And, I plan to adventure race with it this summer, keeping it close, in case of unexpected weather.

In addition to the Nordic hat, I also had the opportunity to test out a Skida neckwarmer and Alpine headband, and really liked both. I like to wear the headband to and from exercise class because it keeps my ears warm while also keeping my pony tail intact.

Just to clear up any confusion, the difference between the Skida Alpine Hat and Nordic hat is simple: the Alpine hat is lined with micro-fleece while the Nordic hat is not. Likewise, the Alpine headband is lined with micro-fleece while the Nordic headband is not. - Skida Hats - Amy Hatch (3)The Skida neckwarmer, however, does not have an Alpine and Nordic version; the micro-fleece lining comes standard.

My only suggestion for where Skida could improve is to offer a neckwarmer that is not lined in addition to the one that is lined. (Editor’s note on 12/12/14: Skida just released its year-round, unlined Tour Neckwarmer that we love!!!)

For the shoulder seasons, and especially for summer, the lined neckwarmer is just too much. For this review, I wore the Skida neckwarmer during a run on a rainy April day and for a backcountry ski on an unseasonably warm May day. Both times I ended up taking it off pretty quickly because it was just too warm. (But to be fair, on that particular backcountry ski day, I was skinning up the mountain in a tank top).

That said, I imagine the neckwarmer will be a tried and true ski companion come next winter. It’s well-made, comfortable, beautiful … and the warmth will be a major plus when venturing through blizzards and deep freezes.

Also, the neckwarmer wicks moisture exceptionally well. I noticed this particularly on the day I took it running in the rain. Skida Founder Corinne Prevot’s explains: “We use a soft Polartec micro-fleece lining, and as it collects moisture from your breath, the poly-blend outer fabric wicks away that moisture, keeping the cozy fleece-lining warm and comfy against your face.”

Stouts Mountain - Pine Creek Pass - Big Holes - Skiing - Amy HatchThe story of how Skida got its start is pretty rad. It goes something like this: Corinne picked up some fun fabrics and started making ski hats for teammates and friends. Word got out. Requests came in. Mom helped to keep the business crankin’ while Corinne finished school. The duo grew the business together. Now Corinne is focused full-time on running a thriving business that supports cottage industry sewing in Vermont.

Just to punctuate that last point, yes, all Skida products are made in Vermont!

During a recent phone call Corinne told me, “One of my favorite little mantras is work hard and be nice to people.” Amen to that.

Bottom line: I love Skida hats, headbands and neckwarmers … and I equally love the gals behind the business.

What piece of clothing or other possession do you attach extra meaning to? I also really like my Kamik Adele boots. I call them my unicorn booster boots because they always give me a boost of confidence. I wear them whenever I have a big presentation or have to do something else difficult.  

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13 Comments on "Review: Uber cool Skida hats made in Vermont"

  1. Definitely headbands. I wear them year-round!

  2. Laura kidman | May 12, 2014 at 5:33 pm | Reply

    Don’t have clothing, but wear a stainless steel bracelet that my Grandpa made for me when I was little that has my initials on it. My mom and her sisters all had them made by him when they were growing up. Now many of the older girl cousins have them, too. Reminder of who I am and where I came from and the amazing connection I have to all of these amazing women. It’s very special and unique, just like each of them are. I’m sure he had no idea when he started making them that this is what they would mean to us.

  3. I can’t even look at the skirt I wore to my grandfather’s funeral in Jan without crying 🙁

    • Didn’t quite go into it in detail in this review, but my Skida hat has been my “security blanket” through a very tough month of grieving for one of my best friends who recently passed on under some pretty disturbing circumstances. This hat will always remind me of Karen.

  4. Diane Richards | May 12, 2014 at 7:18 pm | Reply

    My college graduation ring given to me by my late grandfather is a possession that I have that has meaning to me, right next to my wedding band.

    For hiking, I have a pair of great pair of microfiber mittens that the top folds back so I can do a test message or take photos of my adventures, on cold, crisp adventures 🙂

  5. My asolo boots, I luv them….
    I also just found your blog a couple weeks ago and am enjoying it!

  6. Monica Hoth | May 14, 2014 at 9:14 am | Reply

    My headband is also my security blanket. I like nordic hats too, but they MUST cover my entire ear and they don’t always. My ears are so sensitive to any wind that it can ruin a trip outdoors if I don’t have it. I may not even use it the whole time, but must have. Mine is kind of tight and when I try to stretch it I’m always afraid I’ll break too many threads and ruin it for use. I’d seriously not leave home to adventure without it! I will look into these because I can only ever find the one I have. Great review, thank you 🙂

    • Monica, thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, one thing I immediately noticed with the Skida hats and headbands is how nice it is to be able to pull them over my ears. That’s so important! Glad you found the review helpful!

  7. boilerbugle | May 15, 2014 at 8:53 am | Reply

    I bought a fleece hat at yellowstone np on my honeymoon, and I’ve taken it on all my cold weather trips sense. I’m always reminded of that trip, which inspired me to get out and camp more.

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