Sego Ski Co. brings USA made skis to the forefront

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Brothers Tim and Peter Wells know a thing or two about making skis. Formerly owners of the Deviation ski company in Portland, Oregon, they started a successful ski manufacturing business before, and are now seeking to do it again.

After relocating to Victor, Idaho, Tim and Peter launched a new business called Sego Ski Company and are now making skis “that aren’t stuffy,” they said. With “fun” as their main theme, this new, boutique company is cranking out new models for the upcoming winter season. The move to the Teton area was well-timed, enabling them to find affordable warehouse space and an inspiring mountain range in which to test their locally handcrafted, USA made skis.

Sego Ski Company USA made skis Garage Grown Gear_3With their operation underway, Peter has been busy shaping skis, as the head of design and production. Tim handles the business side of things, as they have also added on a retail store to the front of the warehouse.

Since their relocation to Idaho, they have both been busy engaging their local community in finding out who they are and what kinds of skis they’re building.

“We want to appeal to people who are skiing every day,” Peter said. Sego Skis seeks to produce the kind of quiver that can handle rocks and cliff hucking—a ski that is all about utility, without so much focus on the looks.

But along with their skis built to handle an extreme customer, they also have the average skier in mind.

This season, one of the skis they unveiled is a 110cm “do-it-all” ski called the Prospect. With rockered tips and tails, along with camber underfoot, this ski is meant for everyone.

For those who are dealing with an icier crust for snow conditions, the brothers have also introduced the Cleaver.  A 106cm stiff, super-hard charger, this ski is promised to bring confidence to its rider no matter the conditions.Sego Ski Company USA made skis Garage Grown Gear_2

The Saskatoon will no doubt be a favorite amongst their new neighbors, since this ski is meant for those that “call heaven the white room.” With a damp plank and rocker profile, we anticipate sightings of the Saskatoon around Teton area resorts during deep powder cycles.

Peter also hopes to introduce a backcountry specific ski to the lineup, and his design is currently in test phase. Keep your eyes peeled for the much anticipated Teton BC—a light, touring ski that will make you forget about chairlifts.

Each ski will feature a full wood core that is extra thick at the base and edge, with carbon elements incorporated. Cost ranges from $745 to $925 retail.

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Living in the Tetons was part of Tim and Peter’s dream of building the perfect ski company, by keeping warehouse costs low, and stationing themselves within a vibrant ski community. They wanted the business to come together in a place with a sustainable lifestyle for both their company and themselves.

Peter said that his goal at Sego is to play around with progressive shapes and materials, as well as try new things.

Tim added, “It underscores the brand we want to create, which is fun.”

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