Day 4 Giveaway: Roscoe Washakie climbing pants

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An ideal climbing pant would include a few essential features: zipped pockets to keep items from falling out while dangling inside a steep cave. The knees and seat would be durable enough to outlast being dragged across granite. The pant would be fitted, yet unrestrictive. It would be made with enclosed belt loops and quick dry material, to keep it comfortable to wear. Rolling up the cuffs for climbing would be easy, and there would be a loop in the back to clip a chalk bag to.

This is the Washakie pant, dreamed up and designed by Hailey DeMarois and Hans Howell, who couldn’t find a pair of climbing pants they loved.

In 2008 they founded Roscoe Outdoor, a Montana clothing company based in Red Lodge. Hailey and Hans built their business from the ground up, starting with the Washakie pant in both a men’s and women’s fit.

The pant, while designed with climbing in mind, can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities, especially hiking and backpacking. The design also features reflectors and a cuff that will cinch around your calves, incidentally making it the ideal pant for biking.

Click here to read our full story on Roscoe Outdoor.



Roscoe Washakie Pants Giveaway

We’re giving away a pair of Roscoe Outdoor Washakie pants as part of our 9 Days of Giveaways.

Use the entry form below. Entering your e-mail address will unlock opportunities for bonus entries.

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4 Comments on "Day 4 Giveaway: Roscoe Washakie climbing pants"

  1. Shout out to Hans and Hailey from Roscoe! Keep on doing great things!

  2. James Allen Davis | March 24, 2015 at 4:20 pm | Reply

    You realize the Tweet above says “Great #giveaway happening today @garagegrown is giving away a @shopskia hat” don’t you? I went to Roscoe’s website & they do have a Facebook name of “RoscoeOutdoor” but there is no Twitter account for them or at least with that name or listed on their website or Facebook either, so I just edited the Tweet so it says “giving away a pair of RoscoeOutdoor climbing pants”, cool? Also, the URL in your Tweet is for the wrong contest, so I changed that to, here it is.

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for the heads up! Greatly appreciated. Tons of little details to keep track for running the giveaways and looks like we messed this one up. Thanks for catching our error and letting us know about it!


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