Farm to Feet wool socks redefine Made in the USA

Made in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks

The quick summary of what we like about Farm to Feet socks:

    • USA Made – every aspect of Farm to Feet socks, including the ink used on the packaging is made domestically, and the company takes the extra step by sharing the personal stories of people working in each link of the supply chain
    • Comfortable – the merino wool used in the socks is soft and not at all itchy
    • Supportive – the tight knit on many of the company’s models hugs the feet well offering extra support
    • Stylish – the socks come in a variety of colors and styles, some suitable for a professional office and others that help you get your jazz on when on the trail
    • Durable – Granted, we’ve only had our socks for a few months, but so far the quality of the wool and the socks’ shape seem to be holding up really well


The quick summary of what we’re not so wild about:

    • Winter models too thick for cardio-intensive activitieswe particularly had a tough time finding a sock that would work well for backcountry skiing
    • Make available more feminine/mountain lifestyle modelsLet us emphasize that Farm to Feet is already addressing this in a significant way. Its summer line is greatly expanded and will have male and female styles, versus its current unisex approach.


Made in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks

Our in-depth review of Farm to Feet socks:

What first grabbed our attention about Farm to Feet socks were not the socks themselves, but rather the story behind the socks. Farm to Feet socks take Made in the USA to a whole new level, meticulously tracking every step of the supply chain, right down to the ink and paper used for packaging.

And, in a move of pure marketing brilliance, it shares the faces and stories of the individuals who put their heart and soul into raising ewes, shearing sheep, prepping machinery and folding socks. Black and white photos of these individuals’ eyes peek out over the socks’ packaging. The packaging’s flap then opens to reveal their story.

Made in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks-04Made in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks

We’re not going to lie, we love it. We love imagining the weathered face of Fred Roberts, a third- generation Wyoming rancher, as he travels wind-swept grazing tracks with his migrating herd of ewes and cattle. We love picturing the wise face of Carolyn Weddle, who each morning puts on her left sock before her right one, and then heads out the door to her job at Farm to Feet where she inspects, pairs and packages socks. We love thinking about Tim McKoy who splits his time between working for Farm to Feet and as a minister at his church.

What makes it all even better is that the raw ingredients and fine people who process them produce a truly awesome merino wool socks. Between my husband and myself, we’ve had the opportunity to test out six different models of Farm to Feet socks, ranging from crew cut to knee high and in various thicknesses. We’ve worn them with running shoes, ski boots and rain boots. We’ve donned them while hanging out around the house and as formal wear at work.

You know that excitement you get after doing laundry because all of your favorite clothes are again clean and available to wear. That’s how we’ve come to feel about our Farm to Feet socks; they’re our first choice every time for keeping our feet dry and our toes warm. They’re comfortable, supportive, stylish and durable.

Farm to Feet socks do work better in some situations over others. For example, when we ordered a pair of knee-high Ansonville socks we had high hopes that they would work well as a ski sock, even though they’re advertised for use with a pair of waders or hunting boots. They turned out to be too thick to work well for skiing, but pair great with Amy’s Canadian-made Adele Kamik rain boots.

ade in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks - Kamik Adele Boots

When we first started following Farm to Feet, a recently launched brand under parent company Nester Hosiery, we felt like there was a need for more feminine color choices and mountain-lifestyle models. When we stopped by the Farm to Feet booth at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in January, we were pleased to see that the company is actively addressing this need as it expands its product offerings.

The company plans to offer men’s and women’s styles, versus its current unisex approach. And it has a greater variety of models on tap among its four categories of socks: everyday, adventure sport, adventure hike and sporting.

Made in the USA - Farm to Feet Socks

My husband and I have only had our Farm to Feet socks for a few months, so we can’t speak to how well they hold up over the long run, but so far, so good in terms of maintaining the socks’ shape and wool quality. We do try to line dry our socks, although, we’re sure they have been put in the dryer by accident a couple of times without noticeable harm.

We look forward to seeing how this new brand evolves as it redefines Made in the USA.

There are many great sock companies out there. What is your favorite brand and why? Please leave us your thoughts in a comment below.

Farm to Feet provided us socks free of charge for us to review. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this in this article are purely our own.

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10 Comments on "Farm to Feet wool socks redefine Made in the USA"

  1. Cathy Scholtens | March 17, 2014 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    These socks look yummy!

  2. Where can these socks be purchased?

  3. Susan Freedell | March 11, 2015 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    these socks look so comfortable and pretty!! Saw them on fox 8 news

    • How cool that word is getting out about them. We truly do love our F2F socks … wear them everyday, for everything from going to work to working out.

  4. Are these socks made at Nester’s Hosiery in Mt. Airy, NC ?

  5. For years I’ve requested Smart Wool socks for Christmas & birthday. For years, they were the only game in town. But I needed to return a pair that were the wrong size after Christmas & so discovered Farm to Feet at REI. I LOVE these socks! I bought 2 pair & would have bought more but my size wasn’t available. I’m thrilled that they are 100 % American. And they are so cute! Also, I love seeing the faces & hearing the stories of the people involved in growing the wool & making the socks. ( Growing as in raising the sheep!). Looking forward to my new relationship with Farm to Feet!

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