Crazy Compression socks & sleeves review + giveaway

Crazy Compression Socks and Sleeves Review - Garage Grown Gear - 3Sport performance. Jazzy designs. Made in the USA. One look at Crazy Compression socks and sleeves and I was interested.

I reached out to the company to ask about reviewing a pair or two, and then eagerly awaited their arrival in the mail.

Compression socks and sleeves are one of those things I’ve been meaning to try out for some time now, with several friends who swear by them for endurance sports. The several all-day adventure races I had on tap this summer seemed like a good time to give it a whirl. (Although, in retrospect I wish I would have used compression socks during my earlier years as an ultrarunner too).

I used my Crazy Compression compression socks and sleeves for:

  • the 12-hour Buena Vista AXS adventure race
  • the 13-hour Teton Ogre adventure Race
  • a run up and over the Tetons, climbing up Death Canyon, crossing the Death Canyon Shelf and coming out the Devil’s Stairs in Teton Canyon.
  • the 12-hour Casper Strong adventure race

Crazy Compression Socks and Sleeves Review - Garage Grown Gear - 5My verdict is in, I love them. Here’s why…

They provide a layer of warmth on chilly mornings. And then as the day heats up, the sleeves easily peel off. I wore my arm sleeves for the entirety of the Buena Vista AXS and Teton Ogre races, but not more than 15 minutes at the scorching hot Casper Strong. (I did, however, wear my socks the entire time.)

They also protect the skin during a good bushwack, which in adventure racing there are many. While my husband (who was my teammate) cursed that scramble up a mountainside of sage brush, I reveled in the sweet smells, well armored by my Crazy Compression socks and sleeves.

Crazy Compression Socks and Sleeves Review - Garage Grown Gear - 2They offer performance benefits, real or imagined. The theory is that compression increases the velocity of blood flow by constricting vein walls. This article explains it well (although I’m admittedly a bit skeptical by the lack of byline):

“Increased velocity of blood flow through veins means that deoxygenated blood and lactic acid will get back to the heart quicker, which will help to increase the rate of recovery and decrease muscle soreness! Compression will also help to stabilize the muscle and decrease the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue.”

The science is inconclusive when it comes to compression technology and sport performance. But placebo effect or not, I like the way I race with them on.

Crazy Compression Socks and Sleeves Review - Garage Grown Gear - 1In my statistically insignificant trials, I found myself winning both the Teton Ogre and Casper Strong races, and placing third at the Buena Vista AXS race, after a boat flip and navigational error sent us 10 miles out of our way (more on that here).

OK, but the real reason I love Crazy Compression is their designs. I adore purple, and I was able to deck myself out in plenty of it. For those of you who love pink, green and jazzed up black, not to worry, options abound for you too.

When I pair my Crazy Compression socks with my Dirty Girl gaiters, Nuu-Muu dress and Skida hat, let’s just say I’m making a fashion statement, of one kind or the other. (Made even better when I take selfies in said outfit).

There’s not much to dislike about Crazy Compression, but here are a couple suggestions for improvement…

  • The seam on one of my socks is starting to fray apart, so that’s an area that could use some reinforcement.
  • I’d love to see an option for a longer arm sleeve that goes from my shoulder to wrist. The sleeves currently available are designed to be worn on either your forearm or calf, and therefore only cover the elbow to wrist.

We’re thrilled to partner with Crazy Compression on a giveaway. The winner can choose any pair of socks or over the calf sleeves you’d like. Open to USA only. Please use the entry form below. After entering your e-mail address (we promise to use it ***only*** to contact the winner), you have several opportunities for bonus entries by giving us some love on social media. 

***Crazy Compression provided us a complimentary pair of the socks and sleeves for this review, but as always the opinions in this review are purely our own.***

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9 Comments on "Crazy Compression socks & sleeves review + giveaway"

  1. I love the pink diamond socks!

  2. I would pick the Purple OTC Brick Road 🙂

  3. Diane Richards | August 23, 2014 at 9:07 am | Reply

    If I am the lucky chosen winner, I would love to try the Black OTC Lines of Color and select it as the pair I would choose.

    I love how the color graduates like the colors of a rainbow spectrum.

    Also reminds me when we used to make our own art by randomly color a sheet of paper with all the pretty colors from the crayon box, then take our black crayon and cover over it, then take our fingernail and draw designs to expose the beautiful, random colors underneath 🙂

    In addition to added warmth for fall and winter while hiking I am wondering about how well they will give me additional warmth without bulk while snowshoeing……

  4. Love the purple print on white!

  5. If I won, I’d love to have the Purple Mid Calf Diamond Wall socks

  6. If I won, I would have a hard time choosing a style and design.
    They all make my heart flutter a bit.

  7. I LOVE Crazy Compression! So glad you like them too!

  8. Definitely the brightly colored argyle style 🙂

  9. I am a pediatric nurse, and the colored block socks would really be fun for working on the peds unit!

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