Stylish and practical: Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag

Po Campo Cool Bike Accessories for Women - (2)We recently linked up with Po Campo, creators of cool bike accessories for women. Based in Chicago, this company makes bags practical enough to attach to a bike and stylish enough to take into the office, coffee shop or bar. It offers bike, yoga and causal travel bags.

We had the opportunity to test out the Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag.

While we’re on the subject of bicycles, don’t forget, it’s National Bike Month. We wish you all a happy kickoff to the cycling season!

The quick summary of the Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag:

–          Fun, fashionable design

–          High-quality materials and construction

–          Water resistant

–          Nice inside pockets

–          Reflective thread adds a layer of safety

–          Also useful for strapping onto the handlebars of a stroller

–          Fabric is stiff at first, making the zipper difficult to close; however, with use the fabric and zipper become much suppler

–          Fabric is weatherproof, however, it is possible for water to seep through the zipper in a truly ferocious storm

–          Made in China


The full review of the Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar bag:

Po Campo Cool Bike Accessories for Women - (3)Po Campo’s super cool bike accessories celebrate the active urban lifestyle, but this gal from a town of 2,000 in rural Idaho found the Six Corners Handlebar bag to be equally useful for a country bumpkin.

I use it to bike to work, the coffee shop and the brewery. I also use it as my everyday purse, and often get complimented on its fun, fashionable design. I chose the Bike Ride Coated Poly model in cantaloupe orange with crisscrossed sky blue stripes and white bicycle silhouettes.

The bag is just large enough to fit my wallet, smartphone, keys, a tampon, chapstick and business cards. The only thing I lament leaving behind is a brush. (Perhaps that explains the bad hair day in the photo below).

Po Campo Cool Bike Accessories for Women - GarageGrownGear.comThe straps and latches are easy to use, making it fairly seamless to switch between carrying the bag on my shoulder and latching it onto my bike. The only thing that takes a bit of time, is unlatching and stowing the shoulder strap when putting the bag on my bike.

In addition to using the bag on a bike, I also found it very useful for attaching to the handlebars of a stroller – now that is cool.

To fully test the mettle of the Six Corners Handlebar Bag I attached it to our Chariot stroller on a recent walk through the rain. On that particular day, it wasn’t just drizzling, it was pouring. The bag is designed so that a flap of the poly coated fabric folds over the zipper. This design works reasonably well, but isn’t perfectly waterproof. After the hour-long walk, the inside of my bag was somewhat damp, although by no means soaking wet.

Po Campo Cool Bike Accessories for Women - (4)Some nice features of the Six Corners Handlebar Bag are the reflective thread in the straps, which adds a layer of safety, and the three inside pockets. They help to keep things organized and secure.

The only real issue I encountered with the bag is that the fabric was stiff at first, making the zipper difficult to close. However, with use, the fabric and zipper became much suppler. Also, while I realize it’s not always avoidable, I don’t love that the bag is made in China.


One of our contributors at, Morgan Tilton, has Po Campo’s Midway Weekender, Umber Waxed Canvas bag.

Here are her thoughts on the Midway Weekender:

Po Campo Cool Bike Accessories for Women - (7)Po Campo bags are awesome! I've interviewed the founder before at OR. She shared a bag with me and I use it almost every day for gym/yoga/overnighters – it's the perfect size, has plenty of interior pockets, and a compartment underneath for shoes or wet towels. Plus, it looks great!

Morgan’s suggestions for improvement include:

The elastic bands on the side of the bag aren't large enough to hold my yoga mat (which is thicker than the average mat).

Secondly, to shorten the shoulder strap there are clips on the side of the bag that snap through the ends of the shoulder strap. Often, the snaps can't hold beneath a load and "snap" open – which is not top choice when you're jetting through an airport. So, for everyday use I revert to using the bag with a full-length shoulder strap, which means the bag is hitting me at knee length. Or, if I don't have a purse over my shoulder I can use the handheld straps over my shoulder.

On a different note: Po Campo currently has a Kickstarter campaign live for it's newest project, the Ultimate Bike Share Bag. Props to this company for continuing to push the envelope.

Bottom line: Po Campo took a great idea – create bags practical enough to attach to a bike and stylish enough to take into the office – and ran with it, er ... umm... we mean pedaled with it.

What cool bike accessories do you use and love?

Po Campo provided us a bag free of charge to review. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this in this article are purely our own.

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6 Comments on "Stylish and practical: Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar Bag"

  1. I usually have a water bottle holder and a cover cushion for my seat!

  2. Well I don’t have many besides my Chariot, but I would LOVE one of those!!! NEED! 😉

  3. living in seattle, I love bike lights and waterproof saddlebags!

  4. I have a topeak rear bag (my 1st one) and love it. Than I saw Po Campo and fell in love with the design. I also Love my iPhone 5 holder, its cool to use Strava and log my rides.

  5. Diane Richards | May 22, 2014 at 10:00 pm | Reply

    I have a Kelty fanny back that can convert to a small backpack that I love to use for short bicycling trips, day hikes or spending the day at the fair.

    The Po Campo Six Corners Handlebar bag looks cuter and cooler and would love to win it 🙂

  6. I don’t currently have any bike accessories that I use & love. In the past, I had a side view mirror (for riding in the city) and more recently, a child carrier attachment.

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