Finding a comfy pair of earbuds that don’t fall out

Earbuds that don't fall out Yurbuds Garage Grown Gear_1Over the years, we’ve endured lots of earbuds that cause discomfort, slip around, or won’t stay put. Here at Garage Grown Gear, we set out to find the best pair of earbuds that don’t fall out, and we’re stoked to share what we’ve unearthed …

A quick summary of Yurbuds:

***Garage Grown Gear’s top-choice earbuds for running***


  • They are unfaltering—these buds stay put.
  • Super soft and cloud-like.
  • Awesome sound.
  • Ergonomic design allows buds to slide easily into your ears’ coves (even with a tragus piercing).


  • Rubber’s stickiness also holds onto parcels like dirt, earwax, lint, etc.


The full review of Yurbuds:

While I don’t always run with music, I don’t know how I’ve made it this long without having a pair of Yurbuds. Inspired by their own experiences, President and CEO Seth Burgett and COO Richard Daniels left their corporate positions six years ago to hurdle toward creating the ideal earbuds for athletes.

Ear buds that don't fall out Yurbuds Garage Grown Gear_6

A cyclist and triathlete, Burgett began developing the Yurbuds concept while he was training for an Ironman 70.3 triathlon. Professionally, his background is in developing surgical devices, including the robotic Stereotaxis Niobe (used for cardiac surgery), which helped him to conceptualize and understand the ergonomic design for an earbud. Furthermore, Burgett and Daniels gathered feedback from thousands of athletes across the U.S. via interviews and brainstorming sessions, and then drove the production forward.

I tested the Inspire model, which is tailored for women (men’s and women’s earphones are available, as well as pairs with microphone systems). From sprints to jogs, I took them through various conditions—pavement, flat dirt paths, and rocky, zigzagging ascents—and they always stayed put. Even when my arm accidentally tugged the cord on a trail run, the earbud didn’t jolt out of place. The pair claims to be both sweat and water resistant, and can I attest to it; I ran through the rain and in extremely humid, 90-degree days, and the earbuds stayed put.

Ear buds that don't fall out Yurbuds Garage Grown Gear_7The sound is clear and so good that it can (depending on the volume levels) drown out foot and car traffic in the city and in the mountains. My only cautionary advice is to be attentive of your surroundings: cars, mountain bikers, and other runners may not know that you are wearing headphones. And in the mountains, you may want to stay alert to bears, mountain lions and other wildlife.

The only drawback that I noticed, after carrying the Yurbuds around in my bag, is that debris tends to latch onto the oh-so-sticky buds. (Maybe I need to clean my purse out!). A solution would be to carry the Yurbuds in a small bag to keep them clean.


A quick summary of Earhoox:


  • Earhoox are compatible with Apple’s newer earPod design and Apple’s older earbud design.
  • Earhoox live up their claim of keeping earbuds in place.
  • Extremely competitive price (MSRP $10.00 for a single package).
  • Expands the usability of headphones you already own, thus encouraging sustainability.


  • Compared to Yurbuds, which slide into the concha (ear bowl) and point downward towards the ear canal, Earhoox curve up and rest against the top curve of the concha, which can be less comfortable.
  • More rigid and less forgiving feel than Yurbuds.
  • The sound is good, but it’s not on par with Yurbuds.


The full review of Earhoox:

Earhoox are an ingenious, extremely affordable alternative to Yurbuds. Co-founders Helmut Wyzisk and Jeff Becker rallied support from backers around the world by launching a crowd-funding campaign on Indigo two years ago. The company took off six months later—from their living room.

Ear buds that don't fall out Earhoox Garage Grown Gear_2

Each package comes with two pairs of Earhoox, a small and large size, and they are designed to fit either an Apple earPod or earbud. As Apple patrons know, a pair of headphones comes with the purchase of an iPhone, iPod, or iPad—but those pods and buds don’t always stay in place, especially with additional sweat, water, or impact. So, for just $10, Earhoox eliminates the need for Apple product users to purchase another pair of headphones.

Ear buds that don't fall out Earhoox Garage Grown Gear_3

Earhoox easily fold over the headphones, allowing them to stay in place while road or trail running, slowly or vigorously. However, I found the silicone design to be a bit more rigid than the Yurbuds’ design, and thus less comfortable.

Furthermore, my tragus piercing made the insertion a tad awkward; the hooks curve up against the top of the ear concha rather than sliding down into the ear canal, which presses the earpod against the back of my tragus earring. There was no discomfort once the earpod was in place, and it was only noticeable when I was getting the earpod snug.


A quick summary of Zipbuds:


  • The zipper on the earbuds’s cord successfully prevents tangle.
  • The earbuds are cushy and comfortable.
  • The earbuds are sticky and stay in place when in motion.


  •  The zipper-cord is cumbersome and weighs more than normal rubber cords.
  • The impact of the swinging zipper causes ambient noise that carries into the earbuds.

Ear buds that don't fall out Zipbuds Garage Grown Gear_4

The review of Zipbuds:

Zipbuds successfully keep earbuds tangle-free, which is helpful when you’ve tossed them into your purse or backpack, or stashed a pair in your car. However, I wouldEar buds that don't fall out Zipbuds Garage Grown Gear_5 not recommend using them for running or other strenuous activities.

I found that the zipper weighed more than typical cords and swung back and forth. While the motion was distracting, what I disliked the most was that the Zipbuds impacted my chest and the sound carried into the earbuds.

The earbuds are otherwise durable, soft and sit comfortably in the ear, so I would recommend them for casual or professional use. They also come in fun, vibrant neon colors!


What’s your favorite pair of earbuds for running? Have you found another brand of earbuds that don’t fall out?


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